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Continuing with our year-long celebration, we're so pleased to release "Way of Life," the second original Armor Seed song (and video!) written and performed as a tribute to the American farmer as Armor commemorates 40 years in the seed business. This is another one you'll be singing in the fields! It was co-written by Mark Smith and Kolton Thomas with vocals by Jason Campbell. Sit back, enjoy and go ahead, download!

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"Way of Life"
Co-written By: Mark Smith and Kolton Thomas for Armor Seed
Performed By: Jason Campbell

The Armor Story Begins With

Amber Waves of Grain

Less than a year after the country celebrated its bicentennial, the seed — dare we say — was planted for the way Armor Seed continues to do business today, over four decades later.

Sherman Cullum, with nothing more than a servant’s heart and a relentless drive to provide local farmers with the best seed available, set out to pursue the American dream.

Season after season, Mr. Cullum and his team over-came obstacles by remaining focused on the needs of farmers — understanding a strong start with quality seed is essential to a successful harvest.

Over forty years later, much has changed in modern agriculture. But Armor’s dedication to supplying the best seed available to help farmers Start Strong is planted deeply in fields across the United States.

Armor Seed is proud to be involved in American agriculture and grateful to be a part of your farm.

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There seem to be strong feelings one way or the other about growing wheat this year, but for our growers more northward, especially in Kentucky and Missouri, planting season is right around the corner. Those areas will typically see solid yield potential in wheat.

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