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Once a crop has been planted, there is little that can be done to reduce incidence or severity of soybean seedling diseases.

It can’t possibly be time to be talking about #plant20, can it? Weren’t we harvesting just yesterday? Yet here we are planning for the next growing season. Will you be ready?

One of the most critical late-season management inputs in balancing irrigation needs.

In some areas, we are seeing some issues with rust in our corn crop this year. Much of that has to do with the cooler temperatures and wet weather we’ve experienced.

“Should I replant a poor soybean stand or leave it alone?” Depending on where you are, this decision may be behind you.

With prolonged persistent rains and saturated soil in many areas, there may be concern that some fields may have experienced nitrogen (N) loss. Nitrogen loss depends on many factors.

Read our interview with Armor Seed Featured Grower Jerry Holloway from Sedalia, KY.

Growing Degree Days (GDDs)—also known as Heat Units or Growing Degree Units (GDUs)—are a measure of heat accumulation used to help predict plant growth develop...

Many of you use a seed treatment on your beans every year and some of you never use one. That can be chalked up to personal preference as a grower.

So, some of our more southern friends have a jump on the rest of us when it comes to getting their corn in the ground this year.

We can’t blame you if the cold and wet weather to start this season has you wondering if planting is ever going to happen.

We’re excited to continue introducing the rest of our new additions to the Armor Seed soybean line-up for 2019.

As we’ve mentioned, the Armor Seed team is committed to bringing you field-tested products that will perform under always changing and challenging conditions.

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