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Right about now there are a number of growers faced with replanting decisions in their soybeans.

Once again faced with a wet and cold spring, now that the forecast has improved we’re finding ourselves in the middle of the busiest few weeks in recent memory.

It’s been a crazy start to the 2018 growing season. We are all over the place.

We’ve been asked a number of times how and why Armor Seed conducts commercial strip testing on our products.

Much like they have been over the last several years, mid-south growers are frustrated by cool temperatures and rainfall hindering early spring corn planting.

In many areas this spring high amounts of rainfall have hindered plant growth and, in some fields, even reduced plant populations to levels where replanting was necessary.

Mother Nature was not kind to much of the Midsouth this spring, resulting in flooding situations unlike any most have seen in years.

Can you believe it? Here we are standing at the threshold of another growing season.

Continuing with our year-long celebration, we're so pleased to release "Way of Life," the second original Armor Seed song.

In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday we were putting seed in the ground. Yet, here we are at the close of another growing season.

Harvest of the Armor Seed Corn CST plots is complete and we’re working quickly to knock out bean plots and get ready to jump into 2017.

Destroying crop residue eliminates a precious opportunity to improve soil and, in the long-term, save you money.

Are you one of the many growers who appreciates yield data and the statistics that come with them? Ever wonder how to interpret it all?

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