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Forklift moving Armor Seed products in a warehouse.

We can’t blame you if the cold and wet weather to start this season has you wondering if planting is ever going to happen. Rest assured it will and, with just a little bit of cooperation from Mother Nature, drier conditions can have us ready to go in eight or 10 days. But a word of warning: a weather cycle that keeps growers out of field will allow winter weeds to flourish as soon as conditions improve and temperatures rise. Depending on your geography, getting out in your fields now (or in the next couple of weeks) to do spring burndown applications will be of utmost importance.

We are really fortunate to have several options at our disposal for burndown. There is a product to fit any farm and just about any situation that may present itself. Two important points: pay close attention to plantback intervals, and do not consider this your pre-emerge herbicide. Under current conditions, we don’t need any setbacks.

Should it warm up quickly, the ample soil moisture will facilitate rapid growth and growers will need to make burndown applications quickly, as soon conditions allow them to get into fields. If allowed to remain, the weeds can create mats that slow soil drying and delay planting. Even if the annuals may already be flowering and nearing the end of their life cycle, a well-timed burndown application will speed up the desiccation processes for quicker soil drying and timely planting.

Glyphosate resistant weeds mean many producers are making burndown applications with other herbicides and/or tank mixes. Some of the popular tank mixes contain contact herbicides like gramoxone and sharpen. When applying a contact herbicide, growers need to keep in mind that complete spray coverage is essential. To ensure complete coverage, producers need to use carrier volumes of at least 15 to 20 gallons per acre (GPA). The use of proper adjuvants and spray nozzle tips as listed by the product label will also ensure optimal coverage and efficacy.

Even if weather dictates a delayed planting season giving some of our winter annuals and early emerging summer annuals a head start this year, proper herbicides, rates, and application methods will go a long way in helping growers get their fields cleaned off and ready for a successful growing season.

Pairing the right seed to the ground it will be planted on is so important. Please contact your local Armor Seed Sales Representative to discuss the right seed for your farm. Need contact info? Head to or the Armor app and input your zip code, click on “Contact,” and you’re all set. As always, it’s a privilege to work with you. We look forward to a productive 2019 growing season!

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